Beer Review: Untitled Art's Raspberry Sour IPA Puts on a Show

Untitled Art and Drekker Brewery Raspberry Sour IPA beer review

I like pretty much every style of beer … but IPA’s aren’t my favorite. I do like sours and especially raspberry lambics. So, when I came across this Raspberry Sour IPA, my curiosity piqued and I had to try it.

Guys, I seriously went into this with low expectations on liking it. Could these two aspects from two very different styles of beer come together in a harmonious way? Coming from just completing my study of German purist beer, I thought to myself (and very much in a beer-snobby kind of way) “this is going to be weird”.

I stand corrected (and embarrassed at my snobbery…I promise it won’t happen again)!

This collaboration brew between Untitled Art and Drekker Brewing Company was love at first sip. It immediately sent me back to fond memories of weekends spent with my Grandma Beers. She would give us kids a small allowance to spend at the nearby dollar store. I would always buy a giant-sized bag of raspberry Jolly Ranchers. As soon as I’d finish one candy I would unwrap the next until, in that weekend’s time, the whole bag was gone.

I wanted to do the same with this beer. I couldn’t have just one, and I finished the entire four-pack in one evening. I plan to spend by “beer allowance” again on this beer.

Like my beloved raspberry Jolly Ranchers of yore, the Raspberry Sour IPA started off with notes of sweet raspberry but with a touch of pleasantly enjoyable tartness. It wasn’t quite as sweet as candy. The hops pulled through just enough to balance the sweetness. (I would actually say this beer weighs in at more of a sour than an IPA as the bitterness is not as pronounced as with the usual IPA.) The hops are of noticeable presence and I picked up on some grapefruit in playful jest with the raspberry.

This “Untitled Art” was like a performance and it definitely put on a show. The beer starts off with a dramatic sparkling entrance. The layers of flavor unfold before you and neither element outshines the other. The raspberry, the tartness, and the hops all dance together in perfect harmony. The show ends with a silky, velvet curtain drawing to a close.

This beer also reminded me of a painting that reveals itself to you the more you stare at it.

Have you had this beer or another from Untitled Art? What’s your interpretation? Please share in the comments!