Travel Tips: Surviving Motion Sickness

So you have a big trip coming up!? Wonderful! What’s that you say? You’d be more excited if you weren’t so worried about motion sickness?

I’ve been there and I can help! 

Believe me, years ago my sensitive tummy looked at me like I was crazy for taking a job that required me to live on a cruise ship. “We’re doing what!?” it said. But, it was during that first week of ship training and after my first day of being green in the face that I learned how to keep the wooziness at bay (without ever taking pills). 

Now this post will mostly speak to cruise ship travel, but it can be applied to any travel situation like lengthy car rides, turbulent flights, shaky trains, and bumpy boat rides. 

Waves, especially large ones, can make your stomach feel sloshy. Contrary to popular belief, you do actually want to eat something before you set sail. Basically, your tummy needs something to do to distract it from the on-coming irregular motion of the ocean. 

Here’s a list of foods to consume that may help prevent the nausea associated with motion sickness:

  1. Ginger - Do you ever notice people ordering ginger ale on a plane? Ginger is a natural remedy for motion sickness. I always choose ginger ale for my complimentary in-flight beverage!
  2. Bread or crackers
  3. Green Apples - it has to be green!  There’s pectin (a natural element used to make medicines) in green apples that neutralizes stomach acid which helps prevent motion sickness. 

Ale 8 is a nice, refreshing ginger ale. It’s clean and crisp with a hint of citrus - a secret family recipe made in Kentucky using a special blend of ginger.

While it helps to not have an empty stomach, you also want to avoid over consumption and especially avoid heavy, greasy, and spicy foods. Stay away from too much alcohol and stay hydrated!

Other ways to avoid motion sickness:

  1. It’s all in your mind - One reason your tummy may start to feel it’s in knots could be due to stress. Standing or walking on a rocking platform can be stress inducing and cause your body to tense up. You’ve probably heard of the saying “mind over matter”.  Try “Jedi mind-tricking” yourself into not being sick and telling yourself you’re okay (sounds crazy… but I’ve done it and it works).
  2. Become one with the sea - Take deep breaths and allow your body to roll with motion of the ocean. This will also help alleviate any tension. 

These natural remedies and preventative measures have worked for me and most crew members I’ve worked with, however, it may not work for everyone. Sometimes worse comes to worst and in these cases, there’s always pills or adhesive patches down in the ship’s infirmary.

Bon Voyage!

Do you have any special tricks that have worked for you in avoiding motion sickness? Please share in the comments below!