Indy's Carnaval Brazil

Carnaval Brazil Indianapolis

Growing up experiencing Indiana’s frigidly cold winters, you’ll know that escaping to warmer climates is usually on the top of everyone’s to-do list…or at least on a wish-list. And with Fat Tuesday Celebrations happening all around the world, I’ve been dreaming about the famous Carnaval Brazil party in Rio de Janeiro with it’s lavish parties, colorful costumes, vibrant music, and beautiful dancers dancing to sexy samba beats in a lush, tropical atmosphere. 

Luckily, every year Cultural Cannibals hosts their own inspired version of Carnaval Brazil at the Jazz Kitchen …and it’s one of the hottest parties in Indianapolis! 

At Indy’s Carnaval Brazil you’ll be whisked away to a party in paradise; complete with beads, booze (Caipirinhas on special - Brazil’s national cocktail made with cachaça, sugar and lime), Feijoada (Brazil’s national dish - a stew of beans with beef and pork, usually served with rice), and dancing to the rhythm of the drums and Brazilian beats with DJ Kyle Long. They definitely bring the heat!