About me


Hi! My name is Amy Beers (yes…Beers is my real name)!

I’m a Certified Beer Server studying to become a Cicerone. What is a Cicerone you ask? It’s basically a certified beer expert - like a wine Sommelier but for beer professionals. There are less than 4,000 Cicerones in the whole world!

My passion for beer lies mostly in history and culture (and of course drinking it!). I’ve earned specialty badges in German, UK, and American beer styles. Out of this passion I developed my beer tour company Drinking with Beers and launched my first tour in March of 2018.

I’m currently writing a book that I’m super excited to share with you! Indianapolis Beers Stories is set for release in October of 2020!

I’m also a proud member of Pink Boots Society, a non-profit supporting women beer-industry professionals.

Aside from beer, my other passion is travel. I’ve been to Prague, Thailand, Spain, Ireland, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Cuba, and all over the Caribbean. I’m always planning my next adventure. France and Belgium are next on the list!

That’s all for me. I would love to learn more about you! Feel free to drop me a line!


Amy Beers

Amy Beers

My Favs & Inspiration

BEER: It’s hard to decide! Give me all the beer!

TRAVEL: I have fond memories of drinking Singha beer in Thailand. But Prague’s beer is cheaper than water …so yeah…there’s that.

INSPIRATION: Women who go against the grain, challenge the status quo, and live their truth even in the face of adversity.