About Amy Beers


Amy graduated from IU with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. While still in school, she co-developed and hosted a local weekly television broadcast guiding viewers to the Greater Michiana area’s nightlife happenings. She continued the show for five years, expanding into the Indianapolis market as a local city guide for the Indy Visitor’s Channel. During this time she also modeled and represented many clients as a brand ambassador. 

Amy’s passion as a guide and love for travel led her to a shopping guide opportunity, living and working onboard a cruise ship with crew members from all over the world! Upon returning home to Indianapolis, this opportunity inspired her to create Around the World Indianapolis - a guide to the city’s international cultures.

Most recently, Miss Beers created and launched the Indy Beer Mile; a guided walking tour in Mass Ave offering tastes of different beer styles from around the world at local Indianapolis establishments while learning about the neighborhood’s unique cultural heritage. Amy is knowledgable about beer and is currently studying to become a certified beer expert…because with the last name “Beers” …it just seems like destiny, non?

Amy Beers

My favs & inspiration:

Travel - Thailand, Prague

Food - Phở, Thai curry, cheese, mashed potatoes

Drink - Coffee, beer, wine, and whiskey! ...and I suppose water (sparkling).

Meet the Photographer: Dauss Foto

Dauss Miller of Dauss Foto

Dauss specializes mostly in wedding photography as well as commercial and fashion. He loves people and capturing them in their magical moments with their quirks, silly idiosyncrasies, and unique energies. He enjoys saving those defining little stories in his images. 

He’s a dad, an artist, an award-winning photographer, and your wedding day bestie! He also describes himself as a super nerd, drummer, dreamer, drinking water advocate, tequila snob, and ice-cream addict…87% introvert and 13% weird!